Latest Update

Information on the 1998 workshop is now available.

Many thanks to everyone for a wonderful week. And thanks for the nice comments which have been flowing in. We are now trying to put together a list of names and addresses. (Recursos was supposed to do this for us.) Meanwhile I'll post the roster of email addresses.

Getting from Albuquerque International Airport to Plaza Resolana: The best way is by the Shuttlejack, a bus that leaves the airport every 30 to 40 minutes. Buses depart from the terminal in front of the Southwest airlines counter. If you call in advance, you can guarantee a seat: 505 982-4311 or 505 243-3244. Fare is $20 each way; the trip is about 70 minutes. Tell the driver to drop you off at Plaza Resolana

For those of you doing the advanced track: We have forwarded the material you submitted with your application to the instructors (Mike Lemonick, Paul Hoffman, and Sandra Blakeslee). But please bring along an extra copy -- just for insurance's sake. Some people returning from last year were not asked to submit writing samples. They should bring along something to be critiqued.

We're looking forward to seeing all of you on Saturday. Several people have asked about the weather. It is not terribly hot (maybe getting into the 90's by mid afternoon), and at this high altitude (7,000 feet) it drops to 50 at night. With such a thin layer of atmosphere, the sunlight is deceptively intense. To add to the complications, sometimes we get afternoon thunderstorms. Bring a hat and sunscreen and maybe a water bottle for Tuesday's mile-long hike at Tsankawi ruins.

The schedule is now complete.

As of Friday, June 6, we have accepted 41 people into the workshop. We can still squeeze in a few more. If you have applied but not heard back from us, please contact me by email or call me at home (505 989-4490).

Alan Perelson, a theoretical immunologist and AIDS researcher at Los Alamos and the Santa Fe Institute, will be joining Melanie Mitchell at the Sunday morning press conference. Please check out their Web pages for a preview of their work.

How to register.

Several people have asked if they will need laptop computers. Those submitting material in advance (to be critiqued by the instructors) won't really need a computer. Those who plan to write instead about the press conference on Sunday morning might find a laptop useful but not essential. We realize it's impossible to write an entire story during the conference. What the instructors will ask for is a good introduction and an outline.

Please start collecting examples of good and bad science writing to bring to the workshop.

If anyone has had trouble reaching someone at Recursos on the number for their Southwest Literary Center, 505 988-5992, here is an alternate number: 505-982-0807. Ask for Giesela Happe. Those with questions about registration can also reach Recursos by email: Suzanne Jamison (SznjmsnATaolDOTcom). And please don't hesitate to contact me directly (johnsonATnytimesDOTcom) if you have any problems or questions.

We are now expecting enrollment to top out in the low 40's, about the same as last year. There is still time to apply.

Ginger Richardson is looking for a writer to cover the Complex Systems Summer School for the Santa Fe Institute's magazine. Since the summer school is right before the science-writing workshop, she thought one of you might be interested. Please contact her for information about the job.

The authors John Casti and Pamela McCorduck will be joining us on Wednesday morning for an informal meeting. See the schedule for details.

Recursos asks us to remind everyone that payment is due upon acceptance. They understand that it can take time to cut an institutional check. If you have any questions regarding payment or lodging, please contact them directly:

Southwest Literary Center
Recursos de Santa Fe
826 Camino de Monte Rey, A-3
Santa Fe, NM 87505

505 988-5992 (voice)
505 989-8608 (fax)

We are still tinkering with the schedule. Suggestions are always welcome.