Welcome to Santa Fe

We’re looking forward to meeting you on Monday evening. The weather will be brisk some days, with highs ranging from the low 50s to high 70s and night time lows in the 40s and even high 30s. A chance of thunderstorms is predicted, but so far this spring these have been short and mild. The weather, in other words, will be perfect for a region that always must contend with drought.

Before you arrive, please take another look at the schedule (http://sciwrite.org/scisked16.html) and click on the links so you can read some of the material the instructors will be talking about. In addition, Celia Lowenstein, the filmmaker who will speak on Friday, suggests that you watch “The Fish That Time Forgot” (https://vimeo.com/111842603) and “Nick Baker’s Weird Creatures” (https://vimeo.com/110999667). If you have time, her film “Simply Complex” is about the physicist Murray Gell-Mann, one of the founders of the Santa Fe Institute, which we will visit on Tuesday. As an added bonus, the film shows glimpses of one of your instructors as he was more than 15 years ago. (https://vimeo.com/107176739).

For those of you who use Twitter, the hashtag will be #sfsciwrite.