Gareth Cook talk

Please note the new title and subject matter for Gareth Cook’s talk:

“Reporting Science: A case study.” What to ask, who to ask, and how? Gareth Cook will take us through the process of reporting a story about a Ukrainian stem cell clinic — part of a series that earned him a Pulitzer prize — and offer practical lessons you can use in your own work.


An update on the hotel

After much discussion, the company that owns both the Plaza Real and St. Francis hotels has agreed to let us consolidate the workshop at the St. Francis.  Everyone will be staying and meeting there. To recap, we had originally contracted with the Plaza Real but were informed in March, to our great surprise, that a renovation project would force us to hold the sessions at the St. Francis, a few blocks away from where most people would be lodging. That was o.k., but the new arrangement is far better. Here is what that means:

1. If you are one of the few participants who was already booked at the St. Francis, check in there as expected. Your room should be ready.

2. If you booked a room at the Plaza Real, simply show up instead at the St. Francis. We have been promised that all the reservations will be automatically transferred there. There should be nothing special you need to do. The rate will be the same.

We apologize for all this running in place. Changing venues after 15 years at a nonprofit conference center has been stressful, but we think everyone will love being in a nice old hotel less than two blocks from the Plaza.


update, March 22, 2011

We just learned from the company that operates the Plaza Real Hotel that we will have to hold the workshop sessions at the St. Francis, which is 4 blocks away. These are equally nice locations and it is a very pleasant walk through the heart of old Santa Fe.

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Please let us know if you will require shuttle service. We will be sure to accommodate you or transfer your reservation to the St. Francis for the same discounted rate.


We are now taking applications for the waiting list. We almost always get a few cancellations, so we encourage you to apply.


We’ve accepted 44 people into the workshop. Please remember that we need a tuition payment within 30 days to hold your position.


We’re up to 37 now. Please remember that we cannot complete your application until you send us a personal statement.